What will I do for a couple of days without my desktop computer during our move?!?

I’m already having withdrawals. I keep promising myself to buy a new laptop – maybe this month? My Windows XP is getting way too slow. I don’t want to learn new stuff. I’m starting to sound like an old woman.

Any suggestions on the best one to last me forever so I don’t have to stress over this decision again or at least for another five years? 

 I’m so far behind on technology, it isn’t funny. But what’s a writer without her computer?

Happy computing.



2 thoughts on “Computer-less

  1. I had a Gateway which worked really well for about 5 years but then got so slow that I could never get anything done. I now have a Dell and Office Suite 2007. This was a big change from Office 2002. I’m still learning but you are right, a writer is like fan without any power without a computer, or at least I am. Get a Dell. they are cheap and work well.


    • Thanks for the advice. My desktop is a Dell. My previous one was a Hewlett Packard. My son is researching a Toshiba laptop for me. I just don’t know yet. It’s a big decision.


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