Poetry Book Release

I’m so excited to receive my shipment of God, My Greatest Love. The collection is 55 of my religiously inspired poems. I expect to pick up the books before the end of January 2013.
Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. and particularly Tara Sizemore, have been great in beautifully creating this poetic expression of my love for the Holy Trinity, angels, people and experiences in my life. I also thank Tammy Robinson Smith for introducing me to my publisher Janie Jessee.
Kimberly McCarron Anderson created the beautiful artwork for the cover. I sent her cloud pictures from Winged Deer Park in Tri-Cities Tennessee and photographs of my roses.
Of course, it could not be possible without God’s help. I thank Tony Kilgore for publishing several of these poems throughout 2012 in Common Ground Herald.
Before I arrived in Tennessee, I was fortunate to publish poetry through my church newsletters.
I thank everyone for encouraging my poetry endeavors, especially the Poetry Society of Tennessee and the NE branch.
I’m told the books will be available soon on Amazon.com. If you just can’t wait, then please visit my website http://www.RoseKlix.com and purchase directly from me through PayPal.
Enough commercial. Please forgive me. I’m just so excited!


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