An interview with my internal Gemini twins

It’s always a thrill to receive the first shipment of new books. Eat, Diet, Repeat has a special place in my heart. This collects my poetry about eating, dieting, family influences, and food in general. I realized during the compilation of this collection that I had some influences of which I was not consciously aware.

I’m a Gemini by birth. I’ve always looked at everything with at least two perspectives. I name my internal Gemini twins, Cassie and Polly. I’m interviewing them here today.

Rose: Cassie, I see you as me pictured on the left side of the book cover. The fat twin.

Cassie: Well, that wasn’t very nice. Who are you to call me fat?

Rose: Sorry. What’s your favorite food?

Cassie: CHOCOLATE!!! I hate carrots.

Polly: Of course you do. They’re good for you.

Cassie: Well, Miss Goody Two Shoes, who asked you?

Rose: Settle down. You’ll both get a chance. Polly you are me on the cover standing on the right.

Polly: Yes. I’d just hiked up to the fire tower. It was a thrill, because most of the time I had to drag you and Cassie. So we didn’t try such things.

Rose: I do feel better when I exercise.

Polly: And eat right.

Cassie: What’s the fun in that? You keep us from socializing.

I just thought you’d like to hear for yourself Cassie and Polly’s influences on me. Thank you ladies.

If you have any questions for me, Cassie, and Polly. Let me know.


9 thoughts on “An interview with my internal Gemini twins

    • Yes. I know that Geminis aren’t the only split personality. You know they say, “It’s okay to talk to yourself. It’s even okay to answer yourself. But, if you say ‘huh?’ to yourself then you’re in trouble.”


  1. Absolutely loved this! Such a creative idea!
    I’m a gemini too, I sometimes blog about Gemini things 😛
    I have about 7 people inside me haha, I change every second, want something then suddenly completely change my mind and I can be really contradictory!
    Again, this was a really great post! 😀
    Aaran 🙂


  2. Your welcome!
    Haha yeah very crowded at times! But it’s just a natural thing to have different opinions and changing contradictory interests and feelings, it’s just something that’s there..I think you might be able to agree with that? 🙂


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