Don’t Wait!

For years, I said I’d focus more on my writing once I retire. That day came in the form of an “early out” in February 2005. At last I was able to pursue my true chosen career full time and not be a starving artist.
It felt great! I started desktop publishing. I attended workshops and writers group meetings.
I had a ton of things I’d stored up in notes and deep in my brain cells. Finally, I could focus on them.
I still have a ton of writing I’ve planned over the years. And the ideas and opportunities keep coming. They seem to multiply.
In 2009, I lost the last of my birth family – my brother and mother. Dad died in 2001. Then in September, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Boy, did that put me on notice. I doubled up my efforts. I wanted so much to leave something lasting. I feel proud of my published poetry books. But I also want to leave my prose writing in a lasting book form.
It’s now 2013, I’ve accomplished a lot, particularly poetry writing, publishing, contest entering, and finally compiling into my own books.
My health is great. I believe prevention is the only cure. I’m working hard on keeping toxins at bay, and daily I watch my nutrition. So far, so good.
If you also say, I’ll write once I retire, please heed my advice. Don’t Wait! Do what you can in your spare time. Write a few words each day. Don’t let it get piled up until you just don’t know which project to work on next.
Enjoy your writing time now. Fit it in however that works for you. But if your ambition is to write, don’t wait.


14 thoughts on “Don’t Wait!

  1. Rose, no truer words were ever spoken. I’ve suddenly found myself awake in the middle of the night with a few lines of poetry, or dialogue bubbling up from somewhere and I’ve thought ‘I need to get up and write that down. I didn’t and now that is lost. So, please don’t wait. I write every day and in that way I’m slowly finishing my eleventh book. I may go back and revise and to tell the truth this book has been giving me a fit. I’ve started it from three different perspectives. It has had a dozen names and now this book is the first book in a series and still without a name. I know the name of the series, I think, but not the name of this first book. I think it will name itself near the end.


    • Thank you for your comments, Addie. I’m glad to know, I’m not the only one who gets ideas in the middle of the night. I once wrote the following poem. It’s in my Pastiche of Poetry Volume I collection.

      Collaboration with Calliope*

      Calliope, of course, you sang/
      perfect lines of time interminable.
      Yawn. But later when I’m awake.

      Yes, I promised to stow pen,
      flashlight, and pad under my bed.
      I agreed to capture each thought.

      I stumble awake, find pencil
      and journal, scratch my head.
      Um, birds, something, and wars?

      I wasn’t prepared. I valued rest.
      Please whisper the verse again.
      Your flawless epic dissolved.

      *Calliope is the poetry muse.



      • I really like this poem since it describes me in the middle of the night more often than I like. I am working on a first book in a new series and it is driving me bonkers. I wrote a full length novel, but my publisher wanted me to rewrite. I’ve been working on it for six months or more, off and on. I worked until 12 pm last night and felt terrible this morning, but I couldn’t quit while it was going good.


      • It sounds like you are making more progress than you give yourself credit. I’m envious you are working on your novel. I hope to do that again soon.


      • I’m sure all this is in the past. You achieved it! I will catch up on my reading one day, maybe. So much to read, so little time. Same is true of social media. I can’t seem to stay ahead of it. Sorry for the late replies.


      • Rose, I’m now on my thirteenth book, but I’m scared to death of social media. I don’t know what I’m doing and offend so many people when I don’t do things right. I think I’ll just back away from it, but I do love your work. I read your piece on giving up church for Lent and I noticed you had some of the feelings I have sometimes felt. I know that God builds the church and we(human beings) put names and rules on them if we can gather a few people together. I thank God every day that I meet with a group of people who I hope would recognize their brothers and sisters where ever they are met.


      • Thirteen is my favorite number, having been born on the 13th by a mother born on the 13th with grandparents married on the 13th, etc. I’m sure your 13th book will be the best. Is that the first mystery one you mentioned, or am I behind again?
        Thank you for your thoughts on my latest blog. I didn’t want to offend anyone, but decided to speak my mind. Churches should be reformed – again. I’m not as strong-minded or strong-willed as Martin Luther. Maybe one day someone will take the lead.
        My husband and I refuse to get involved with the people at church. We’ve been hurt too many times. He volunteered to use his electrician skills and was feeling good about giving to the church. Then someone insulted him, saying they could have paid for that. I tried to be involved in committee meetings, but the in-fighting . . . ‘Nuff said.
        My voice isn’t what it used to be, so I don’t enjoy singing in choir. Bell choir was too stressful to not miss a beat. It’s better if I blend in with the congregation. Besides I don’t want Rob to sit alone. Our special diet doesn’t fit in with pot lucks or other social eating events. So, we adapted to going to church to worship God and that’s all. You are fortunate to find a group of people at your church, enjoy your fellowship. Best Wishes.


      • Rose I once heard am older member say if one goes to church to see and be seen then they are going for the wrong reason. I don’t stand around and chit-chat after the service is over myself. One doesn’t have any trouble while rejoicing; the trouble rears its ugly head when you mention doing something new. I have first hand knowledge of that. I had the audacity to say that I felt women had as much voice in church business as the men. I was cast out, but I didn’t go into outer darkness. I attend service hoping that my spirit will unite with the spirit of God and I can find that complete peace that only God can give. In my opinion that is the purpose of the church anyway. I am so blessed by being a member in a body of believers where nobody gets paid except in spiritual gifts. The clerks and treasurers do their work free and the preachers give their sermons free and the members clean the building and mow the grass. The money is for insurance and the upkeep of the property. We only take natural food at Association time when people from other congregations attend and we want to feed them. It is kind of like preparing for Christmas and there is much rejoicing.

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  2. If a miner can feel HIS presence three miles under ground or a soldier can be filled with love and want to embrace the enemy during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII that makes me know that God’s love is everywhere. God knows when we truly need peace and a change of heart; we don’t know that, but in our despair he feels us with such peace and love that we can endure anything and count it a . I know I am blessed. I believe in a universal salvation for humanity. The things we suffer here are for TIME and eternity has no time. (Just my belief, so please know that I am not a proselytizer, trying to teach every man and his brother to know the LORD.I don’t try to change the beliefs of others since everyone has the right to believe whatever they wish. I will say that I believe in a just and loving creator.


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