Excerpt two – New Mother

Rosebud for New Mother

One of my beautiful roses starting to open.

by Rose Klix

II. New Mother
a rosebud

Moments ago, just a young green bud,
barely showed color. Yet new life
sprouts inside you with sunshine and tears.
Heavenly rain droplets glisten leaves,
help you grow. Learn patient love.
Be a good example.
Learn fast for your new seedling.
Thank you for always doing your best.

Excerpted from Pastiche of Poetry, Volume II, copyright 2012.
Poet’s comment: “This stanza from my poem Roses of Motherhood brings to mind my experiences as a new mother. I was immature but learned fast as I could. It’s the hardest job I ever accepted, but I always tried my best for my two sons, Scott and Erik.” Rose Klix http://www.RoseKlix.com/books


4 thoughts on “Excerpt two – New Mother

    • You are so sweet to say so. This poem has always been a favorite of mine. I hope you enjoy all six stanzas I’m excerpting for Mother’s Day. You have plenty of talent of your own.


  1. Rose, I’m having a lot of family illness right now as well as a test I am to have and can’t really do what I love, like reading and writing for a while. I am really interested and will probably purchase one or more of your books. I wish you could come to the symposium again, but I suppose you are too far away.


    • For now, I’m too far away. Perhaps next year. I miss seeing friends in the Tri-Cities. Also, my son and daughter-in-law live there. I’m sorry to hear of your family illness. I wish you the best.


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