Excerpt five – Grandmother


by Rose Klix

V. Grandmother
– dropping petals

You’re hardy and survived harsh winters.
Some thorny years have taken their toll.
Time for rocking chair philosophy.
Soft petals have started to wrinkle.
Hugs, kisses, love are miles away.
The scent of your perfume lingers.
It seems you will always be there, but . . .
Thank you for reaching out with your love.

Excerpted from Pastiche of Poetry, Volume II, copyright 2012.
Poet’s comment: “This stanza from my poem Roses of Motherhood brings to mind both of my grandmothers. Fortunately I knew them, but for a brief time. My paternal grandmother lived her early life in true pioneer style, homesteading on the South Dakota prairie. My maternal grandmother grew up in a rural setting. She helped Mom and me garden and can our food. My own mother enjoyed her role as grandma. This Mother’s Day I celebrate generations of mothering.”
Rose Klix http://www.RoseKlix.com/books


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