Most, if not all, my life I’ve believed in reincarnation.

Here is a poem I wrote when sixteen years old.


Past is present, and future came. First is second, the third’s a game.

Restoration to a new dawn, visions of what was are not gone.

Present, future, and past is done. Second is third and first is spun.

Who are you and what do you do? I’m nobody now that I’m through.

Future – now; renewal – begun. Third – infinity; past – rerun.

I am here and I didn’t fall. I’ve come back to seek my call.

– written in 1966 (reprinted from Pastiche of Poetry, Volume II and introduces Past Lives Before Now.)

Newly released prose New Age book Past Lives Before Now reports on twenty-three of my past lives recalled through dreams, déjà vu, visions, and regressions.





5 thoughts on “Reincarnation

      • Rose, I like this poem very much. It is very insightful for a sixteen year old girl. The Bible says that “what is has already been, and “that which was is now” and “Wisdom saw the end from the beginning and declared it so.” Therefore, I suspect life is a “wheel in a wheel” ever-changing, ever-evolving, and returning to its place of origin. I was once shown a vision of the universe as a wheel in a wheel and it all turned together. After all the seed of everything is in itself and I don’t think I’ll ever lose my seed, but I don’t know how the seed looked when it was first planted.

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  1. You said this so beautifully. Thank you for the Bible verses. Please tell me the Bible locations for them. I’m certain your seed was amazing when first planted – in heaven. I don’t understand: if heaven is so wonderful, why would we want to keep coming back? Maybe more life experiences will better prepare us. Best Wishes.


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