Past Lives Before Now by Rose Klix 3D Book Cover“Past Lives Before Now” is a metaphysical look at Rose’s past life regressions and the lessons carried forward into her current lifetime. “I’ve believed in reincarnation most, if not all, my life.” The regressions showed the struggles and resolutions in previous lives. “Love in all forms seemed to always be the key element, whether as lacking  or in abundance.”

Work in Progress: Rose discovered her breast cancer in 2009 while on an Atlantic  cruise to Nova Scotia. The cruise ship was tossed about by a Tropical Storm for the first days of the trip. Rose is working to liken her journey with cancer treatments to her cruise experience. Her book “Cruising with Breast Cancer” will show her survival of this too prevalent illness. She shares her attempts at complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies and the necessary surrender to conventional medicine with support from CAM therapies. “My goal is to give hope to others and encouragement for possible prevention techniques.”

Please visit for all of Rose Klix’s published books and be sure to check out what others are saying about her books on the Reviews Page.


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